Current projects

Eight projects were selected by our CT:IQ members based on
the needs of the sector


Projects 1-4 and 6 are either launched or have follow up projects underway.
Project 5 is launching this quarter!
Projects 7 and 8 are underway.

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Collaboration with ACTA:  Online public platform, providing guidance and tools to encourage and facilitate consumer involvement within clinical trials.

eConsent in Clinical Trials: The barriers, enablers and Use cases to guide implementation.

Early Phase Clinical Trials Best Practice Checklist & Guidance.

Recommendations for optimising clinical trial recruitment which are broadly translational and applicable at the site level.

Collaboration with NHMRC-CTC: Guidelines for biomarker-directed therapies in personalised medicine – Tools for assessment.

Collaboration with Medicines Australia (MA), Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) and AusBiotech on a Joint Position Statement for eSignatures & CTRA execution in Australia.

Redesigning Consent to Research.

A digital translation of the National Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form (PICF).