What we do

We aim to improve the impact and quality of Australian clinical trials. We form project teams to develop or adapt consensus recommendations and partner with other Australian organisations.


Annual Report

We are delighted to present CT:IQ's Annual Report for the financial year 2022-2023, a year of growth and collaboration within our organisation. The year has brought us exciting opportunities to deepen our connections with CT:IQ's diverse membership, engage in impactful projects, and drive innovation in the clinical research landscape.

With a strong commitment to collaboration and a growing membership base, we are grateful for the support and participation of our members, both existing and new, and we look forward to another year of meaningful progress.

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Our Scope

Our approach involves many stakeholders with different perspectives, roles and involvement in clinical trials.  We will strive for continuous improvement in trials, with projects that broadly fall into one of the following categories:

  • Assess, contextualise and, where appropriate, implement international recommendations and best practice guidelines and support the wider adoption of identified sector-leading performance.
  • Partner with other Australian organisations to deliver continuous improvement projects in shared spaces.
  • Develop ‘de novo’ consensus recommendations by using an evidence-based approach to exploring challenges in the current trials environment.

Our Objectives