Guidelines for Biomarker-Directed Therapies

Timeline: Q2, 2019 – Q3, 2020

Issue:  Lack of guidance around the criteria that should be used to assess evidence for individualised/personalised clinical decisions especially linked to patient’s biomarker profile.

Purpose:  Optimise treatments according to individualised patient characteristics and efficiencies.

Objectives:  Development of the theoretical framework, particularly biostatical & methodological principles underpinning any guideline recommendations.


  1. Systematic review of current guidelines for assessing personalised EMB & for evidence re co-dependency of biomarkers & therapeutics.
  2. Convene two expert meetings; refining the nature and scope of the problem; to review recommendations relevant to Australian context.
  3. Formulate a framework for assessing co-dependency of biomarkers & therapies in CTs.


Framework for assessing co-dependency of biomarkers & therapies in CTs; guidelines and publication.


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