Consumer Involvement & Engagement Toolkit

The Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit (the Toolkit) is an interactive map that provides information on how researchers and research organisations can involve and engage consumers to help shape research throughout its lifecycle. The primary focus of the Toolkit is clinical trials, although much of the content is relevant to other types of health research.

Getting Started with the Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed as an interactive map so that information that is relevant to a range of topics can be located quickly and easily. Each white circle opens a themed webpage containing overview of the main topic. Blue-centered circles host multiple webpages. The Toolkit also hosts a range of resources (templates and tools) that can be downloaded and customised. Explore the Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit:

The Toolkit is a collaborative project co-funded by CT:IQ and the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance - ACTA


Timeline:  Q4, 2018 – Q4, 2019

Issue:  CI&E is critical to fostering consumer access to innovative therapeutic solutions and delivering better health outcomes for patients, participants and the community.

Purpose:  Foster best practice across the research sector by providing a mechanism to share resources both locally & internationally.

Objectives:  To provide tools to support CI and CE within Clinical Trial (CT) activities and seek opportunities to increase the awareness, knowledge and capacity of the wider community.


  • ID training & guidance materials that would be useful for CI&E
  • Review & ratify existing, adapted and newly developed CI&E training, guidance & tools.
  • Develop consumer-facing tools and guidance to support CI&E and identify opportunities to increase CT awareness
  • CI&E website platform build and testing.
  • Launch, communication and training of relevant stakeholders.

Products:  Online public platform, providing guidance & tools to encourage & facilitate CI&E within CTs.


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