CT:IQ launches checklist to support Australian research sites

CT:IQ, a collaborative of Australian clinical trial stakeholders who aim to develop and implement recommendations that will improve the impact, quality and efficiency of clinical trials, is excited to launch the Early Phase Trials Best Practice Checklist.

The checklist was developed as a single source of best practice recommendations, tools and resources to help ensure the safe and effective operation of early phase trials.

Developed by a specialist project team with a broad range of experience and expertise from within the Australian clinical trials sector, the checklist will validate the practices of existing early phase sites and guide the set up for sites venturing into early phase research.

The purpose of this project was to focus on the conduct of early phase clinical trials, where there are specific requirements, however many of the practices are broadly applicable to other phases of clinical research.

The checklist can be downloaded from the CT:IQ website. CT:IQ welcomes feedback on how useful this checklist is for research sites and how future versions could be improved to strengthen the capability of the early phase clinical trials in Australia.

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