Welcoming WA Department of Health to CT:IQ Steering Committee 

We are excited to announce that the WA Department of Health, Office of Medical Research and Innovation (OMRI) has joined the CT:IQ Steering Committee! OMRI brings a wealth of expertise in policy and funding support for health and medical research and innovation in Western Australia.

OMRI’s key functions include:

  • Guiding, informing, and promoting collaboration across the WA health and medical research sector.
  • Developing strategic research and innovation policy.
  • Providing intellectual property (IP) management support for WA Health.
  • Supporting WA Health’s research governance framework, including ethics and governance processes, clinical trials initiatives, education, and ICT support.
  • Administering the WA Child Research Fund, co-funded by the WA State Government and Channel 7 Telethon Trust.
  • Managing the Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) Fund’s programs and initiatives.

We look forward to collaborating with OMRI on future clinical trials improvement projects and leveraging their insights to advance health and medical research. Welcome aboard!