CT:IQ welcomes MOCTU, Westmead Hospital to Steering Committee

The Medical Oncology Clinical Trials Unit (MOCTU) at Westmead Hospital has been a pivotal oncology research platform to bring new and pioneering treatment options to the Western Sydney populace. With over 10 years of excellence in oncology research, the unit today offers access to over 70 different types of innovative oncology treatment access through Phase 1 to 4 trials in a multitude of cancer indications like prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, etc. – to name a few.

Dedicated and experienced Oncologists and trials staff work relentlessly to ensure superlative care and oversight of all clinical trials undertaken via MOCTU. An exemplar of a proactive health research provider that has helped many innovative concepts became today’s treatment regime, the MOCTU continues to grow and bring the best of oncology treatment options from around the globe to the Western Sydney community.

Radhika Butala, Manager, will representing The MOCTU on the Steering Committee. Radhika has over two decades of experience in clinical research ranging from oncology to devices, phase 1 through phase 4 and across industry and academia. An ardent site advocate, she has participated in many clinical research endeavours to enhance clinical research within Australia.

Welcome MOTCU, we look forward to collaborating with you!