The story so far…

CT:IQ is modelled on the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) in the US which was established 10 years ago as a joint venture by the FDA and Duke University. Taking the CTTI concept, the seed was sown for CT:IQ in late 2016.

After multiple rounds of consultation, negotiation and engagement, the 4 founding member organisations (Bellberry, ACTA, The George Institute and NHMRC CTC) began the MTPConnect-funded pilot of CT:IQ in earnest in January 2018. The intent of the pilot phase is to conduct 6 projects by the end of 2019 with the impact of each quantified as much as possible.

Much of where CT:IQ is today is based on the CTTI model and is due to the support of the CTTI team and generosity in sharing materials and personal opinions on the journey that they themselves have been on. Work is ongoing to adapt the CTTI material to the Australian context and is being guided by the CT:IQ Executive Committee and newly formed Advisory Board (details to be announced soon).

After much behind the scenes planning, CT:IQ was formally launched by The Hon. Greg Hunt MP on Wednesday 16th May, 2018. Formal invitations for organisations to join the Steering Committee have been issued plus we are increasing our presence on social media and through the many networks of stakeholders in the Australian clinical trials sector. Please do check out the membership page for more details on how to join this exciting new initiative!