Safer Care Victoria joins CT:IQ

We’re thrilled to announce the newest member to CT:IQ, Safer Care Victoria. Dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality and safety, Safer Care Victoria works tirelessly to prevent patient harm, identify and deliver service improvements, and engage with consumers. With their vision of outstanding healthcare for all Victorians, and a commitment to collaboration and innovation, they bring invaluable expertise to our collective efforts.

Safer Care Victoria stands apart with their specialised teams focusing on safety, improvement, engagement, and clinical and professional leadership. Through data analysis, research, improvement projects, and strategic engagement, they are embedding continuous improvement, driving positive change, and ensuring the highest standards of care across the healthcare system.

Let’s join hands in welcoming our newest member, Safer Care Victoria to CT:IQ’s Steering Committee.

Safer Care Victoria logo featuring the acronym in three shades of blue alongside the name