NSW Office for Health and Medical Research joins Steering Committee

NSW Health aims to establish NSW as a global centre of excellence in health and medical research innovation by building on the State’s premier health, research, academic, and medical technology sectors.

The NSW Office for Health and Medical Research has recently established a Clinical Trial Support Unit to enable clinical trial capacity, capability and collaboration across the State.  The CTSU supports a self-sustaining clinical trial ecosystem that facilitates research translation and access to innovative medical therapies and technologies.

The key functions of the NSW Clinical Trial Support Unit are to:

  • Establish an entry point for MTP clinical trials in NSW
  • Maintain policy directives, drawing on national and international best practice
  • Facilitate transformational change and improvements across the clinical trial sector
  • Monitor and evaluate outcomes of clinical trial initiatives

Please contact the Clinical Trial Support Unit team on MOH-OHMR@health.nsw.gov.au

We are pleased to welcome NSW Office for Health and Medical Research to the CT:IQ Steering Committee.