Mapping the DCT Landscape

CT:IQ is pleased to release the report prepared by Dr Tanya Symons – A mapping exercise to identify initiatives to support the implementation of decentralised clinical trials including teletrials in Australia (December 2023).

This report stemmed from discussions at the August 2023 CT:IQ Steering Committee meeting, where members identified mapping the teletrials and DCT landscape in Australia as a priority for the Australian clinical research sector.

In response to this identified need, CT:IQ sought to identify initiatives:

  • Underway in Australia to facilitate knowledge sharing that will support the national implementation of teletrials and other DCTs.
  • Yet to be progressed, but considered important to support the implementation of teletrials/other DCTs.

We extend our gratitude to Dr. Tanya Symons for her invaluable contribution to this report. It not only serves as an essential resource for our sector but also lays the groundwork for future CT:IQ initiatives.