HIIRO Office, QLD Health joins CT:IQ Steering Committee

We are delighted to welcome the Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office (HIIRO) from Queensland Health to the Steering Committee.

The Queensland Clinical Trial Coordination Unit (QCTCU) sits within HIIRO in the Office of the Director-General, Queensland Health. QCTCU’s role is to initiate coordination of clinical trial sites and services and is also responsible for monitoring and streamlining research ethics and governance processes.

Representing QCTCU on the Steering Committee are Melissa Hagan, Director of QCTCU and Roberta Lusa, Principal Policy Officer & Clinical Trial Liaison Officer. Melissa is a thought leader in health and medical research, specialising in clinical trials and research & education and has over 20 years influencing strategy and policy in the sector. Roberta is a pharmacist with a solid foundation in leadership, governance, strategic direction is actively engaged in Queensland Health policy development around teletrials, ensuring financial sustainability, nurturing stakeholder relationships across government, academia, MTP sector and related organisations.

Melissa and Roberta are excited to join CT:IQ and contribute to a patient-focused organisation that aims to continually improve the clinical trials field in Australia.