Get the D.I.R.T. on Digitalisation of Clinical Trials Summit & Dinner

On 23 November, CT:IQ will be partnering with ARCS Australia on the Summit Get the D.I.R.T. on digitalisation of clinical trials. The Summit will provide a forum for discussing the potential benefits and challenges of digitalisation, and to agree on priorities to ensure Australia leverages digital technologies to progress effective and inclusive medical research.

Who should attend?
The summit is open to anyone interested in understanding the current landscape of digitalisation of clinical trials and what the future holds.

Topics to be discussed

  • Digitalised trials: Back to basics: demystifying the jargon and defining the components (stakeholders, types – roles and responsibilities)
  • Implementation: Key issues – recruitment, retention, diversity, workforce capacity, vendors, phases of research, therapeutic area
  • Risk, oversight and quality considerations: QA, QC and GCP
  • Technology: Technology as an enabler – ePRO, eCOA, e-Consent, study start up, wearables, virtual visits, internal systems

The Get the DIRT on digitalisation of Clinical Trials Summit and Dinner will be held in Melbourne on 23 November 2022.

Visit ARCS to register or for more information on D.I.R.T.