CT:IQ unveils innovative PICF for Australian health and medical research

CT:IQ has successfully launched an ambitious project to create a concise, participant-centred Participant Information and Consent Form (PICF) tailored for Australian health and medical research.

Since February 2021, a committed group of 35 project team members from across the sector worked alongside CT:IQ Project Manager, Sonia Harvey, to bring this vision to fruition. The comprehensive development process included:

  • Conducting background research to identify the elements of an effective PICF
  • Surveying consumers and research staff to understand issues with current PICFs and areas for improvement
  • Partnering with HeSANDA to develop a national data sharing statement and privacy language for the PICF template
  • Organising three consumer focus groups, led by Dr. Tanya Symons and supported by Medicines Australia and Bellberry Ltd, to understand consumer values and preferences regarding PICFs
  • Implementing a six-month beta-testing phase to collect feedback from a wide range of stakeholders on the draft PICF Template and User Guide

CT:IQ and the project team are excited to announce the release of the InFORMed Template and User Guide, now available for use by the Australian health and medical research community.

For further details, including FAQs and resources, please visit our dedicated project website.

Additionally, a webinar addressing common questions about the InFORMed template, answered by industry experts, is available for viewing.