ClinTrial Refer join Steering Committee

ClinTrial Refer (CTR) is a mobile app and website platform that connects doctors, patients and sites to current clinical trial information. It is an evidence based tool that has significantly increased cross-referral and recruitment into clinical trials and is being rapidly adapted as a tool across a variety of trial portfolios.

In addition to supporting improved access to emerging therapies for patients ClinTrial Refer is also supporting the viability of clinical trial units.  There are 22 ClinTrial Refer Apps across several different specialities which can be downloaded individually, however, an upgraded version of the platform will be launched next year to deliver an integrated solution for housing all the apps and recruiting trials into one.   There are 850+ sites in the platform spanning Australia, New Zealand and 9 other countries. The App is free to public access.

We welcome  ClinTrial Refer to the Steering Committee.

The all-inclusive approach to the CT:IQ initiative, which seeks experience and insight from a comprehensive range of stakeholders, is key to delivering the best possible outcome for consensus recommendations in a variety of key areas.  The collaborative  approach is an appealing part of the model where sharing of best practice establishes a great foundation for success.  I am honoured to be part of a committee that will set the scene for meaningful change

– Christine Zahren (Business Development Manager ClinTrial Refer and Co-founder, White Coats Foundation).