Use Case: Rare Disease and Cancer Flagships

eConsent for remote/telehealth study recruitment

Australian Genomics delivers 18 rare disease and cancer flagship projects that recruit participants for genomic testing. Standard paper-based Participant Information Sheet and Consent Forms (PICFs) have been routinely used, but more recently the additional option to use an online eConsent process built into the REDCap electronic data capture platform has been introduced. Screenshots of this are provided below.

The advantages of this system include enabling people living in regional and rural locations to agree to participate in the study as they have not had to attend face-to-face appointments in metropolitan areas. The reviewing HREC (Melbourne Health) was satisfied that the security of data relating to eConsent processes was equivalent to paper-based consent delivery.

Participants are able to review their options via an embedded PDF document on REDCap and able to directly download the document.

When a participant submits their e-consent, they will receive a confirmation email that it has been received by the study team and a PDF of the consent form for their records.