Use Case: CTRL

Dynamic Consent Project

Recognising that participants may wish to have greater control over their involvement in research, Australian Genomics have developed an online tool that enables dynamic consent. This platform is called CTRL (“Control”). CTRL is a means for participants to interact in real time with their personal information and change their decisions if they wish to, including about future research use of their biological samples and data. The CTRL platform, built in partnership with the digital health technology company Curve Tomorrow, facilitates research participants to:

  • keep their personal and contact information up to date
  • change their consent preferences for the Australian Genomics study
  • choose the types of organisations that can use their information and what kinds of research they can do with it
  • opt-in to re-contact about other research opportunities that might benefit them
  • complete their participant surveys
  • read news and information about the study, genomic testing and genetic conditions
  • get in contact with the research team.