Beyond the Form – Participant workshops

The connection between someone in a clinical research study and their study team is important. It can change how safe, supported, and informed the person may feel throughout their experience. CT:IQ, the VCCC Alliance and Hunter Medical Research Institute are doing the Beyond the Form project to find ways to improve communication between study teams and the people taking part in the studies.

If you have taken part (or have supported someone else to take part) in a clinical research study in Australia, you are invited to join us for two 2-hour workshops, with a small group of other people who have also taken part in research studies. These will be either online or in-person in Singleton, NSW, between March-April 2024.

In the workshops we will look at some real past examples of how research teams have communicated with participants, and ask you how you think and feel about it. Then, we’ll also ask you to think big! Together, we’ll come up with good, sensitive and interesting ways that researchers could keep the people taking part in their research engaged, in-the-know and up-to-date during research studies, through to finding out about the study results.

A short video introducing the Beyond the Form project

A short video about participant workshops

Participant Information Sheet

To take part, you will need to do some reading before the workshops, and plan to attend both two-hour workshops. You will be reimbursed $350 for your time. For more details, download the Participant Information Sheet.


Expression of Interest

Express your interest and contact Gillian Mason 02 4042 0093 or